Well it was one of those days where everything fell into place. It had been 5 years in the making,  Gridding the Everglades,   I had been installing all types of Grids for many years aound the Globe,  This was one a 3 that made it special especially this year.     In 2001 I was guided to place a Crystal around the Wall street area with the help of someone who lived and worked on Wall street as a Financial Engineer.,  he told me he felt it had to do with the Financial District.   so we placed a six pointed star around NYC with Selenite  connecting it to the Christ Consicouness Grid around  the Planet   Six months later 9/11 happened and the world changed forever,  but the Financial District was not effected until many years later. Who Knows? only God knows

10 years later I was guided to place a 12 pointed star with Crystals from Arkansas and Blessed  crystals from the Casa in Central Park  to once again connect with the Christ Consicouness grid as the next step in NYC,  as 12 of us gathered in ceremony and I was digging a hole to place a Blessed  crystal in ,  Andrea Bertrelli was 300 yards away practicing for his free concert the next nite singing Ava Maria.  I knew it was the right moment to do it.   3 days later Occupy Wall Street was created.   Who Knows,  Only God

The Everglades Crystal Grid had been 5 years in the making , I say that because each time I tried to install it , something happened that made it impossible or I just felt it was not a good time for me,   in any case, this past April 7th , a celebration of the Ressurection of the Christ Energy,  things fell into place,  so 18 of us went into a special area of Big Cypress reserve and installed the Grid utilizing  the 12 pointed star again with large Arkansas points along with Blessed crystals,  and inplimenting a triad of Selenite wands along with a Grid utilizing Ametheyst Crystals points  all wrapped in Copper  to connect with the Inner Earth Begings, all being connected to the Christ Consciouness Grid once again,      it was Magical to say the least.,

The Christ Consciousness Grid was designed with the assistance of Ascended Masters to us  Humans back into Christ Consciouness , A level of being where we can see Unity,   and it would have to be done by the end of this 13,000 year cycle which is now.    It holds the CC for us and the planet.

So we will see how this new Grid unfolds itself,  Who Knows?  stay tuned , will keep ya posted, 





“Black Tourmaline would strengthen the electrical balance in the aura to protect against electromagnetic radiation.”

 –  Katrina RaphaelL