Instantaneous Healing through The Vogel Technique

Dr. Marcel Vogel was one of IBM’s most accomplished senior scientists, with over 100 patents in his name. He was recognized as a Master of Healing during the years after he left IBM. As the story goes, Dr. Vogel grew and cut crystals in his IBM laboratory for over 30 years, cutting and creating computer chips that could hold and release memory. As he tells it, one morning he awoke to hear a voice asking him to start forming and creating crystals specific for meditation and healing. It took him one year to create the first—a four-sided crystal patterned in the form of the Tree of Life. He spent the next years of his life carefully expanding on the form of a sacred geometric pattern that had the same water molecular structure as humans. This made it more conducive to releasing from the body all the stuck energy patterns that no longer serve us. He went on to create a comprehensive healing modality using this crystal that is unsurpassed to this day in its speed and efficiency. The pattern I am giving you for learning and facilitating the healing modality is as I was taught it in 1988.

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