There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path!

Jesus & Disciples – A Picture Through Time

This is how this picture came to be… At least, the gist of the story


About 30 years ago, a gentlemen went on a journey through the holy land.

Having visited most of the popular destinations, one day he decided to ask a local what sights he might visit.

The native told him about an ancient trade route that Jesus and his disciples often traveled, along the sea, to and from their encampment outside of town (Which town, which sea, I do not know. However, you can clearly see a large body of water in the background). 

Our visitor went to the ancient road and completed a roll of film. He took a landscape shot because no one was around. When he had the film developed all frames were whited out with the exception of the above picture. If you look to the right edge, you can see the staff and hand of another disciple about to enter the frame.