I’ve been leading or assisting groups to Egypt ,Brazil, Australia , England, Bolivia, England, Peru, the US and many other sacred sites around the world.


My focus these days are working in Brazil and Arkansas as they are the main Crystal Portals of the world,  assisting those in wanting to heal themselves, working with self realization along with many acclaimed healers in Brazil in different areas.


Also introducing people to what is clearly prevalent in Arkansas such a Self-Realization through the Crystal Kingdom , UFO and Sasquatch phenomenon enhanced by Ancient Atlantean energies,  

Look for updates with Tours to Brazil and Arkansas in the fall of 2020 and winter and spring of 2021 



Quartz Crystal from Arkansas

What makes Arkansas quartz so special?

Quartz crystal from Arkansas is one of the three main veins in the world (the others being Brazil and Madagascar).

Arkansas is becoming an emerging crystal portal. To be precise, Arkansas lies in a vortex of a star-gate crystal portal. This portal forming over Arkansas is a function of the light grid: 

Arkansas quartz is known for its particularly fast vibration, which can be seen in the sparkle and light they hold.

Anyone working with these crystals raises their vibration by just holding them and meditating with them

Crystals have the ability to balance and harmonize resonance. They gather, hold and release energy. They amplify, direct, project, generate and sustain energy. Crystals are tools of manifestation and empowerment. They are an elegant, majestic and magical way to awaken and merge crystal consciousness with your consciousness and to build a resonance with crystals.

Crystals balance and harmonize your energy into your world, according to your desire to amplify, transmit, transform and transcend.