As I sit in my retreat in Hot Springs considering all that is going on in the world and why, I still come to the same answer: We are here to bring Unity together as a race of beings, and our biggest lesson is to learn it through Love.

So one way to do this, as I have stated over and over again, is to learn to be the Observer of what is going on around you without needing to take it all on! Learn to assist where you can and know where you cannot. The world has sped up its vibration and now is waiting patiently for you to raise yours.

We look at challenges facing humanity and Mother Earth, a bleak economy, new and old pandemics, climate change, division in our own country purposely set to divide us instead of unite us, new wars around old stuff. So, what can we do?


I’ve set up these online series of classes to assist us in what we can do personally as well as collectively and we are doing it somewhat through the Crystal Kingdom because they are here to assist us to get where we need to be at this time on earth, and that is through ascension. It starts by remaining steadfast on the earth plane and standing in your power of who you are. Allow your strength to assist others who are dealing with the collective energies from the past of old hurts, victim hood, martyr hood and, yes, control to dissipate and clear. Remain steadfast and know through your Faith and Trust through the Divine that the Crystal Kingdom has your Higher good in its best interest.

These classes are set up to assist you in all of this from your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being, while enjoying the process. The Crystal Kingdom like the other kingdoms is here to assist, but help is for the asking. So come join us for this series of creating magic, while in the comfort of your own home. You’ll be glad you did!







“Black Tourmaline would strengthen the electrical balance in the aura to protect against electromagnetic radiation.”



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